school fees

School fees are payable three times a year e.g. September, January and April. Alternatively, payment plans are available on request.

Reception Tuition


Years 1-6 Tuition



£3.20 per day. Paid fully at beginning of each term


£45.00 (per term for years 1-6)

After school clubs

£2.50 per session


Please note
No refund of meals will be given unless a full weeks notice is supplied. A full term's notice, in writing, is required before the removal of a pupil. Failure to do so will result in payment of a term's tuition fees in lieu of notice.

pre-school fees

Morning Session

8.30 - 11.30 or 8:30 - 12:30 (if child is staying for a school lunch)

Afternoon Session

12.30 - 3.30

Full Day

8.30 - 3.30

All fees are calculated depending on the number of hours in each session.

Our 2 year old classroom rate is £4.80 per hour.
Our 3-4 year olds and PreSchool classroom rate is £4.40 per hour.
£3.20 per lunch (not included in hourly rate and only available during second morning session).

An informal after school club is available for parents until 4:30pm and is priced depending on the amount of children present.

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